Nasal Cancer in Dogs

Nasal Cancer in dogs in generally a deadly diagnosis, but Kay’s dog is a survivor.

Nasal Cancer in Dogs

Did you know that Nasal tumors only make up about 1 to 2% of all cancers in dogs but more than 80% are found to be malignant and generally diagnosis of this kind of tumor is deadly. These tumors are slow to metastasize but difficult to treat. The most common forms of nasal tumors in dogs are carcinomas, followed closely by sarcomas.

The most common symptoms of nasal cancer is nasal discharge, discharge from the eye, sneezing, swelling or facial deformity, shortness of breathe. Potential causes of nasal cancer are chronic allergies, chemical exposure, bacterial infection, dental problems or trauma to nasal structure.

Nasal Cancer Survivor

Kay used a combination of significant diet change for her dog, in addition to a mineral supplement protocol, and Rife therapy. She also chose to stop all vaccinations due to her dog’s age and the vet’s dire prognosis. As always with pets, quality of life is the number one consideration. Read about Kay’s dog wonderful results in her own words.

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Canine Nasal Cancer Survivor



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