Cesium Chloride for pets also known as High pH Therapy.

Pet High pH therapy with cesium chloride focuses on using a combined raw nutrition and alkaline mineral supplement approach to balance body pH by reducing the load on the overworked buffering system. The BARF and Prey Animal diet focus of High pH therapy is of particular importance for pets needing intense nutritional support when dealing with cancer and other ailments. The rationale for “high pH” therapy resides in changing the acidic pH range of the cancer cell towards weak alkalinity in which the survival of the cancer cell is endangered, and the formation of acidic and toxic materials, normally formed in cancer cells, is neutralized and eliminated.

Pet High pH Therapy Research

Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. At a pH slightly above 7.4 cancer cells become dormant and at pH 8.5 cancer cells will die while healthy cells will live. Potassium, rubidium, and especially cesium are most efficiently taken up by cancer cells. Glucose can still enter the cell, but oxygen cannot. The cell thus becomes anaerobic. In the absence of oxygen, the glucose undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. The cell pH then drops to 7 and finally down to 6.5. cesium, rubidium and potassium, all having high pH values, are able to enter cells in this state and raise their pH.

pH Therapy Diet

Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is just as important for pets as it is for people. Improving your pet’s diet can actually improve their health. When looking for a food for you pet, read the ingredients label. Watch out for fillers like corn and wheat. Choose foods that have meat as the main ingredient and which are grain-free. In addition, choosing a food that is made in the USA will ensure stricter quality inspection standards. Ideally your pet should be on a raw food diet. Converting your pet to a raw meat and raw vegetable diet will ensure they are getting the healthiest and freshest meal possible.

Dogs and Cats’ digestive systems are finely tuned to handle things humans can’t. Their stomachs have a highly acidic environment, which is an excellent deterrent to ingested bacteria. In the wild, dogs and cats sometimes eat some pretty putrid stuff with no ill effects. However, there are steps you can take if you have concerns about salmonella, e coli, or other bacteria. Avoid packaged supermarket ground beef. Buy “free-range” meat and poultry. Add probiotics. Use safe handling procedures.

A prey model diet is one that is meant to resemble, as closely as possible, the diet that carnivorous canines and felines have evolved to eat, and have been eating, for many thousands, if not millions of years.

The BARF diet is an acronym for Bones and Raw Food. The idea behind the BARF diet is that dog and cat digestive systems were designed to process raw foods and that commercial processed foods contain lots of unhealthy additives for you pets.


Pet High pH Therapy Supplements

Cesium Chloride

Cesium Chloride is one of the most alkaline minerals in nature and is easily absorbed by the body. This is the foundation supplement of the High pH Therapy program for pets.

Hydrazine Sulfate

Hydrazine sulfate is a dietary supplement that affects an enzyme involved in the production of glucose from lactic acid. Results suggest that hydrazine sulfate can influence the abnormal carbohydrate metabolism associated with weight loss and cancer. Because pets with cancer often lose their appetite, this can be a very important piece of the puzzle.


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